Youth Ministries

Middle School and High School Ministries here at Christ Church are designed to help equip youth to live on purpose for Jesus Christ, so they might have the opportunity to know, grow, serve, share, and worship Christ. We are committed to building the most real and life-changing teen ministry possible, combining a solid foundation of prayer and Bible-based principles, adults who really care about teenagers, fun, food, and on-fire friends to create a ministry that we hope brings glory to God and a smile to youth’s faces.

“Primetime” MS Ministry

Throughout the School year (September-May) we invite youth in grades 6 to 8 to join us on Wednesday nights from 6:30 to 7:45 PM at Christ Church. It is a night designed to help us grow as individuals and as a group. Our small groups help you connect and discover how God is working in your life today. We also have large group times of music, worship, games, team competitions, dramas and challenging messages. If there is anything we can do to help you get connected, give us a call.

“Grounded” HS Ministry

Throughout the School year (September-May) we want high school youth to get Grounded! Grounded does just what it sounds like – helps to keep us grounded in God’s Word, and take steps to grow in our faith.  It is primarily a small group ministry but we also gather for large group activities at least once per month. Small Groups meet on Wednesdays at various times and locations. This gives us a chance to build deeper relationships and dig a little deeper into God’s Word to discover its relevance to our lives today. Large Group meets at church one Wednesday night of each month from 8-9:30 PM. Large Group night includes worship, games, drama, testimonies, messages and other elements.


On Friday, February 23rd at 5:15 PM through Saturday at 3:30 PM.  It’s right here at CCO! Short and sweet, low cost, impactful and loaded with fun! We will continue our journey with Alpha, sleep overnight in the church, eat food with friends AND do a fun off-site activity  – all for only $25!

High School Mission Trip 2018

High School Mission Trippers are going to Harlan County, Kentucky from June 20-30, 2018.  Harlan County is located in the Appalachian Mountains in southeastern Kentucky, and while this region is very beautiful, the rural areas struggle with extreme poverty.  The county we will be working in is among the poorest counties in the United States.  We will be doing major home repair projects which will make a dramatic difference in the lives of the people living there.


On Saturday, March 10th from 8 – 11:00 AM.  Cost: only $55 ~ half the cost of other classes!  The class is a TWO year certification and is taught by an American Heart Association instructor. The following topics will be covered:
• Adult CPR & Child CPR & Infant CPR
• AED (Automated External Defibrillator)
• Basic First Aid

We Make it Easy! To pre-register email Teri Shepard. Then show up on March 10th and pay that day with cash or check.   All proceeds from this class will be used for the Christ Church Youth Mission Trip.


Christ Church Otsego offers a Confirmation Ministry for students in middle school and high school. A Confirmation Service happens in the Fall for students in 9th grade and above.  Choosing to follow Christ is the most important commitment we can make. While that commitment is between each individual and God, confirmation is meant to be a public profession of this commitment. Through the confirmation experience, individuals “confirm” the promises made in faith at the time of their baptism. At Christ Church youth may be confirmed as early as their 9th grade year. Youth in grades 6-8th can begin working on their commitments at any time.

At our Confirmation Service, individuals are standing up and publicly saying, “I believe in Jesus. I have a personal relationship with Jesus.” Our Confirmation Ministry is designed to help youth discover this personal relationship with Jesus and better understand how they can live as a fully committed follower of Jesus.

Parents are the primary faith trainers of kids. In reality, there is very little the church can do to teach faith in 60 minutes each week if that faith is not being reinforced in the home the other 10,020 minutes of the week. Our youth ministry seeks to equip parents to be the primary faith trainers and to reinforce what is taught at home. That is why we encourage parental involvement and want parents to know what is happening in our youth ministry.

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