Christ Church Preschool

Christ Church Preschool’s approach is based upon the Bible and the teachings of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  We introduce concepts of faith through prayer, Bible stories, holiday celebrations, and our actions. Our staff prays with the children before snack. They also pray for children and families when there is a known need.  The children participate in a Christmas Program, which is enjoyed by parents and families.  The Preschool Staff strives to live out our faith in our daily lives to positively influence the world around us.

We prepare children for Kindergarten at Christ Church Preschool.  We educate, develop and encourage kids to grow academically, socially, and spiritually in a loving atmosphere.  Our dedication to quality education is proven by our three star Parent Aware quality rating.  By the time your child completes preschool, they will have a firm foundation of skills to help them succeed in elementary school and beyond.

Your child will be taught under the caring guidance of a Teacher and an Assistant Teacher/Aide.  Our class ratios are one staff member per ten children.  Our staff attend continuing education courses throughout the year to ensure that they are following the current best practices for Early Childhood Education.

Your three/four-year old will learn:
  • To spend time away from parents
  • How a classroom setting is different from a home or daycare setting
  • To develop socially by learning to share, follow instructions, resolve conflict and make decisions while interacting with friends and teachers
  • To independently put on outdoor clothes, pour their drink during snack, and use a public restroom
  • Letter and number recognition, EZ Write stroke development, colors, and shapes
  • Large motor skills through outdoor play on our playground
  • How to try new foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, and more
  • That Jesus loves them through Bible stories, prayers and songs
In addition to the skills listed above, your four/five-year old will learn:
  • EZ Write stroke development (used by ISD 728) and how to write their name
  • Letter sounds and phonics
  • Numbers, letters, colors, and shapes in English and Spanish
  • Riding a school bus and experiencing three field trips throughout the school year

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