A Typical Day at Preschool

A typical day at preschool includes a combination of child-directed and teacher-lead learning.  Below is a description of what we do on a typical day.

LEARNING CENTERS: Children spend 50-60 minutes learning through play and exploration.  We teach about a different topic every week.  The classroom décor, toys, games, and activities change weekly to go with the topic we are studying.  Teachers play alongside the children and at the same time observe and assess their developmental progress, which is reported to families during fall and spring conferences.

GROUP TIME: The teacher gathers the children together for a Bible lesson, story, songs, poems, music, calendar, weather, EZ write strokes, and art.

ART:  The teacher demonstrates how to complete an art project, usually coinciding with the story they heard during group time.  Children create art with various mediums and materials and are given freedom to be creative.  Art projects are typically sent home daily.

HANDWRITING: Kids learn how to write letter strokes and then letters using the EZ Write font used by ISD 728.  They learn how to properly hold their pencil.  4 & 5 year old’s make an entry in their journal every week, which they take home at the end of the year.  It’s fun to see their progress.

SNACK TIME: Children wash their hands and are offered a healthy snack from two different food groups.  They are encouraged to try new foods, pour their own beverages, use table manners, and clean up after themselves.  We are an allergy-friendly preschool.  We will accommodate all food allergies with an alternative snack.

LARGE MOTOR TIME: Children complete their day using large motor skills outside in the fenced-in playground.  Indoor activities are provided when the weather does not allow for outdoor play.  During the cold months, they gain independence skills by learning how to put on their own outdoor clothing.

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